• Why does Zoltan L Nagy insist on using his middle initial?
Simple – he is pretentious and delusional. That and, believe it or not, Zoltan Nagy is a fairly common name. You can’t swing a dead cat in Budapest without hitting someone named Zoltan Nagy (well, technically you would be hitting people named Nagy Zoltán since in Hungarian one puts their surname first) (a)   After a successful 25 year career in real estate and finance, Zoltan L Nagy has emerged as a versatile and reliable talent in the Mid-Atlantic market landing jobs in commercials, film, TV shows, print ads, industrials, radio & TV hosting and even some small movie roles. Known for his dry humor, he has good range and can play it straight or play it over the top.

Zoltan L Nagy lives in Frederick, MD which has the distinction of being equally inconvenient to all major markets in the Mid-Atlantic. The silver lining is that this gives him time to memorize lines while driving – which surprisingly is not yet illegal in Maryland.

Originally from New Jersey, Zoltan L Nagy was further scarred by growing up in a place called Ocean Township which shockingly does not actually abut the ocean. A graduate of Rutgers University (BA Economics, MBA Finance), he spent time on both the New Brunswick and Newark campuses. In fact, it was commuting on the Springfield Ave bus that he learned the important life skill of not making direct eye contact without looking like avoiding making direct eye contact.

To find out where Zoltan L Nagy stands on the IMDb STARmeter chart (which measures celebrity popularity), check out his IMDb page at http://www.imdb.me/zoltanlnagy

(a) Disclaimer – Zoltan L Nagy does not advocate any type of cat swinging (dead or live) unless it is done strictly in self-defense.

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