The World of Zoltan L. Nagy
Zoltan L Nagy - Theatrical Headshot

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Is it MC or Emcee?

Not only MC'd the Awards of Excellence Gala for the FCBIA in Frederick, MD but did so wearing a giant goofy foam cowboy hat.

Why does Zoltan L Nagy insist on using his middle initial?

Simple - He is Pretentious and Delusional.

That and, believe it or not, Zoltan Nagy is a fairly common name. You can’t swing a dead cat in Budapest without hitting someone named Zoltan Nagy (well, technically you would be hitting people named Nagy Zoltán since in Hungarian one puts their surname first) (a). After a successful 25 year career in real estate and finance, Zoltan L Nagy has emerged as a versatile and reliable talent  landing jobs in commercials, film, TV shows, print ads, industrials, radio & TV hosting and even some small movie roles. Known for his dry humor, he has good range and can play it straight or play it over the top.

After getting his start in the Baltimore/Washington area, Zoltan L Nagy has recently relocated to a land between New York and Philadelphia that some refer to as New Jersey.  Despite its high property taxes and rampant political corruption, New Jersey has really really good pizza.

Originally from New Jersey, he was further scarred by growing up in a place called Ocean Township which shockingly does not actually abut the ocean and then attending all-boy Catholic high school. He went on to graduate from Rutgers University (BA Economics, MBA Finance) which can boast James Gandolfini, Calista Flockhart and Mr Magoo as its most noted alumni.

According to state archives, Zoltan L Nagy is the first documented case of someone having left New Jersey after college and returning without a court order or losing a bet.

(a) Disclaimer – Zoltan L Nagy does not advocate any type of cat swinging (dead or live) unless it is done strictly in self-defense.